Match Name:2014 Tom Benjamin Memorial PA State Steel Challenge Championship
Match Date:10/16/2014
Last Score:20:01 10/24/2014

Overall CombinedOPNLimited ISR ProductionSingle StackRFPIRFPO RFRIRFRO
Pendulum (106)ReviewCombinedOPNLimited ISR ProductionSingle StackRFPIRFPO RFRIRFRO
Smoke & Hope (103)ReviewCombinedOPNLimited ISR ProductionSingle StackRFPIRFPO RFRIRFRO
Roundabout (108)ReviewCombinedOPNLimited ISR ProductionSingle StackRFPIRFPO RFRIRFRO
Accelerator (105)ReviewCombinedOPNLimited ISR ProductionSingle StackRFPIRFPO RFRIRFRO
Showdown (102)ReviewCombinedOPNLimited ISR ProductionSingle StackRFPIRFPO RFRIRFRO
Outer Limits (104)ReviewCombinedOPNLimited ISR ProductionSingle StackRFPIRFPO RFRIRFRO
Five To Go (101)ReviewCombinedOPNLimited ISR ProductionSingle StackRFPIRFPO RFRIRFRO
Speed Option (107)ReviewCombinedOPNLimited ISR ProductionSingle StackRFPIRFPO RFRIRFRO
Class Leaders CombinedOPNLimited ISR ProductionSingle StackRFPIRFPO RFRIRFRO
Category Leaders CombinedOPNLimited ISR ProductionSingle StackRFPIRFPO  RFRO
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Notes:  Results as of day 3. Email with any corrections.